March 30, 2020

Poetry for Isolation

Poetry may or may not be what you need or want in our current state—on some days, I find myself wanting to read, write, and surround myself with poems. On other days, reading or writing poems is the last thing I want to do. Whatever you need to do to get through these days of isolation and social distancing, I hope you are all taking care of yourselves—I’m sending all my well wishes for whoever you are, wherever you might be reading this.

Some of what I’ve been reading:

I Can’t Talk About the Trees Without the Blood by Tiana Clark (2020 Kate Tufts Discovery Award Winner)

—“The Empty Glass” by Louise Glück

—3 Poems by Chelsea Dingman

—“[Love]” by Ariana Reines (2020 Kingsley Tufts Award Winner for A Sand Book)

—“Elsewhere” by Emily Jungmin Yoon (2020 Kate Tufts Discovery Award Finalist)

—“The Conditional” by Ada Limon

Black Aperture by Matt Rasmussen

Park’s dog, Georgie, reading

Feel free to share what you’ve been reading—I’d love to add it to my queue. Be well, be safe, wash your hands, and read some poems (if you can).

—Stacey Park
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