Our readers are always changing — a rotating panel of five final judges, representing a cross-section of the American poetry community, chooses the winners from submissions postmarked on or before July 1 each year. And, a group of qualified screeners meets at CGU’s Kingsley Tufts Poetry Awards offices to screen all submissions and select approximately 50 titles for the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award and 25 titles for the Kate Tufts Discovery Award to forward to the final judges. Here’s our 2019 awards year team:

2019 Interim Director of the Kingsley & Kate Tufts Poetry Awards:

Don Share, poet and editor of Poetry Magazine

2019 Screening Committee:

Elline Lipkin, poet, scholar, and instructor for Writing Workshops Los Angeles
Douglas Manuel, poet and Middleton and Dornsife fellow at the University of Southern California
Angela Peñaredondo, poet and Assistant Professor of Creative Writing & Digital Media at Cal State San Bernardino

2019 Kingsley & Kate Tufts Poetry Awards Final Judges:

Timothy Donnelly, 2012 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award recipient and Associate Professor at Columbia University
Cathy Park Hong, poet, poetry editor at the New Republic, and professor at Rutgers-Newark University
Khadijah Queen, poet, playwright, and Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder
Luis J. Rodriguez, poet, writer, and founding editor of Tia Chucha Press
Sandy Solomon, poet and teacher at Vanderbilt University

The decision of the panel of judges is final. The 2019 Kingsley & Kate Tufts Poetry Awards results will be announced on our website in February/March 2019.