A panel of five final judges, representing a cross-section of the American poetry community, will choose the winners from submissions postmarked on or before July 1.

A group of qualified screeners will meet at Claremont Graduate University’s Kingsley Tufts Poetry Awards Office to screen all submissions. No more than 50 finalists will be forwarded to the final judges for the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award and 25 for the Kate Tufts Discovery Award.

The decision of the panel of judges is final. Competition results will be announced on our website in February/March 2019.

The judges for the 2019 Kingsley & Kate Tufts Poetry Awards will be announced shortly.

Members of the 2018 Kingsley and Kate Tufts Poetry Awards final judging panel were:
Don Share, chair; poet and editor of POETRY Magazine
Elena Karina Byrne, poet, Poetry Curator/Moderator for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Terrance Hayes, 2000 Kate Tufts Discovery Award Recipient, poet, and professor at the University of Pittsburgh
Sandy Solomon, poet and teacher at Vanderbilt University
Khadijah Queen, poet and playwright