Current Bloggers-in-Residence

Michael Kemp

Michael Kemp (Spring 2017) is currently in his last semester at CGU in the Philosophy M.A. program. He is also currently working as a Writing Consultant for the CGU Writing Center. If you ask him what his favorite work of poetry is he will probably reply by claiming it depends what you mean by “poetry.” If song lyrics count, then he has too many favorite poets to name. But maybe he is just biased because he received his Bachelor’s in music. Philosophy aside—though perhaps not a very erudite selection—his favorite poet would have to be Edgar Allan Poe. Michael has eclectic interests and is a firm believer that members of all disciplines should routinely ask themselves what their role is in respect to the outside world. When he’s not at school, work, or lost in his head, you can find him playing guitar in his “math rock power-duo” (better if you don’t ask, but he’ll gladly talk about it if you do) or on the badminton court.


Emily Schuck, Spring 2017 Kingsley & Kate Poetry Awards Assistant

Emily Schuck (Spring 2017) is a PhD student in English at Claremont Graduate University focusing on modernism, with a particular interest in contemporary modernisms. She serves as managing editor for CGU’s poetry journal, Foothill: a journal of poetry, and teaches at University of La Verne.


Ashley Call, Spring 2017 Blogger-in-Residence

Ashley Call (Spring 2017, Fall 2016) is a MA student in Claremont Graduate University’s literature program, where she is an ardent lover of modernist poetry and fiction. Among her favorite modernist poets are Mina Loy, T. S. Eliot, H.D., and William Carlos Williams. As a student of literature and a lover of language in all its forms, Ashley spends much of her free time writing her own poetry and essays, practicing the few languages she speaks, and attending readings of all sorts. When she’s not engaged in literary pursuits, she’s either scouting out the best taco trucks in LA, planning her next overseas excursion, or fearlessly singing Fleetwood Mac at any (and every) karaoke bar.


Past Bloggers-in-Residence

Brock Rustin, 2016-2017 Blogger-in-Residence

Brock Rustin (Fall 2016, Spring 2016) recently completed his MA in English and is currently a third year PhD candidate at Claremont Graduate University. As an educator, professional student, and amateur creator, he is intrigued by all forms of poetic expression. When not studying for qualifying exams, acting as a Writing Consultant for CGU’s Writing Center, or blogging about Tufts related issues, Brock spends his time cultivating stubborn cacti, playing homespun piano, expanding his cultural palate through adventurous dining, and exploring the Los Angeles area’s diverse artistic performance scene.

Rachel Tie Morrison, Spring 2016 Blogger-in-Residence

Rachel Morrison (Spring 2016) teaches writing and English at the University of La Verne and Chaffey College. A CGU alumna (PhD, English, 2015) she was one of the founding members of CGU’s foothill: a journal of poetry and has been involved in the school’s poetry scene for over five years. When not stalking book fairs and poetry readings, she can usually be found in one of Claremont’s coffee shops or strolling around the City of Trees and PhDs with her dog, Bean.