About the award

The winner of the Foothill Editors’ Prize is awarded with $100 and recognition in Foothill as an undeniable force in graduate student verse. Each year, three finalists are selected by the Foothill editorial board. These selections are then passed along to a prominent poet, who makes the final decision. Rowan Ricardo Phillips judged the 2020 award.

Publication in Foothill‘s forthcoming issue automatically qualifies poets for consideration.

2020 Foothill Editors’ Prize Winner

Erika Luckert for “New Water”

Praise for “New Water”:

Erika Luckert’s poem “New Water” takes the reader on a voyage where the quotidian becomes fantastical and where the light and shadows of such a journey reveal themselves in poignant, near-tactile increments of great poise and great feeling.

–Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Judge

2020 Foothill Editors’ Prize Finalists

Chaim ben Avram for “an anti-creation myth”
Kaily Dorfman for “Criminal Activity”